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become the movement

"There is no going back, there's only forward to equality-

to recognizing the humanity in me

(and the power of "we")-

forward towards the idea that all should have the right to simply breathe,

and to live on our feet

versus die on our knees"



{BTM} Founder

become the movement

Who We Are

become the movement supports social and racial justice. Find out why BECOME THE MOVEMENT is the best black startup

We're makers, small business owners, activists, and {movers} who believe that doing something good today, makes for a better tomorrow. We're driven by the idea that we can be bigger than our differences and our fears, and that, regardless of creed, background, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, age, disability, or socioeconomic status, we can {BECOME THE MOVEMENT}   together.




Our Numbers


Black-owned with a female founder


Black or POC vendors/makers


Causes/orgs we support fight for social justice & equality


All people are welcomed to join us

become the movement support racial and social justice

{change, changes everything}


We're committed to doing the work to ensure that Black and BIPOC people enjoy the same equalities, opportunities, and humanity as everyone else - not more, not less but the same. We believe one of many steps forward is in acknowledging that {change, changes everything}. It's going to require a change in mindset and beliefs - in interaction and communication - in fair and equitable opportunities - in policies, laws, and procedures - and of course, in resources. So while many major corporations may give $1 - 1.5% (often for a limited or predetermined time) we have committed to giving a minimum of 6% up to 20% FOREVER (or as long as we're here) to people, and causes that fight for a better tomorrow, for all of us, not just some of us.
That's, at minimum, almost 4xs the commitment of most big companies.
We don't do this because we can afford to, but because we can't afford not to.

Please Note: you don't have to be Black or BIPOC to join us. You just have to be a human that believes that treating other humans humanely (and fair) makes for a better society, and better world, for all of us. Be an ally, share across social, shop, and or support other organizations that fight for racial justice and human rights.
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