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we're on a mission to help fund and fuel initiatives, and organizations, that are tackling some of today's most bold challenges. Join us.
How it works


Shop from our list of curated finds, make your PurposePurchase™ and we'll give up to 20% of the price to causes, organizations, and initiatives that are on the frontline of positive change.

Change, changes everything

Saying "Black Lives Matter" is one thing, doing the work to ensure that Black people enjoy the same equalities, opportunities, and humanity as everyone else is another. We believe one of many steps forward is in acknowledging that "change, changes everything". It's going to require a change in mindset and beliefs - in interaction and communication - in fair and equitable opportunities - in policies, laws, and procedures - and of course, in resources.


We believe that a positive cause or initiative shouldn't be stifled due to a lack of funding, visibility, or support. {BECOME THE MOVEMENT}™ is committed to leveling the playing field by fueling and funding social impact causes and initiatives, regardless of size and scope, that are taking bold and innovative steps in tackling some of today's most pressing challenges. Below, is our three focus areas for making more impact possible.

Increase Visibility

Build Partnerships

Increase Resources

Because, we have issues...

It's true, Black people are dealing with a lot and there are countless disparities that require our immediate attention and action.. Because of this, {BECOME THE MOVEMENT} is going to do what we can, to cover the most pressing issues plaguing our communities. PLEASE NOTE: While the list below is not all-inclusive of the causes we support, check out where we'll be "putting our money where our mouths and issues are", and where we need your help the most.



From fighting racism, race-based and racially-biased discrimination, anti-Black aggressions, and other systemic racist-based practices, we support initiatives and organizations on the frontline of eliminating disparities for Black people, and all people.



We support causes that fight police misconduct, police brutality, over-policing, and police militarization in Black communities. We will help fund causes that demand police accountability and transparency so Black people, and all people, can be treated fairly and humanely through every police interaction, and "bad cops" will be both exposed and brought to justice.


We support organizations that fight the over-criminalization of Black people and the systemically unfair criminal justice practices and sentencing, including unfair cash bail processes that keep Black people jailed longer for non-violent offenses. We'll fund causes that are fighting for change and holding those who engage in these practices accountable.



We support causes and initiatives that fight for equal access to better education, regardless of the area where you live. We'll put resources where they're needed most and by doing so, will help close the education gap and provide better learning tools in overlooked and underfunded school systems.


Black people are more likely to be plagued with chronic illnesses and more likely to die from disease(s) and under-treated healthcare conditions. From addressing "lack of access" to "lack of care", we'll support causes that are fighting for fair care and Black Health & Wellness.


From gun violence, domestic violence, violence against our LGBTQI family & friends, gang violence to bullying, and beyond we will support organizations and initiatives that are fighting to combat violence and aggressive behaviors of hate and harm in our communities.


"you'd rather Reduce us to hashtags when you can simply say our names...

this is not just a movement but a lifestyle change"



{BTM} Founder


We're 100% Black-owned with a female founder


95% of organizations and causes we support are founded or ran by Black People


91% of our vendors are Black-owned businesses, artists & makers


100% of our users are from every beautiful race/ethnic group under the sun

Our Numbers...

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